Ann's Bakeshop Keto Double Chocolate Bundt Cake

Welcome to Ann's Bakeshop

We are a family owned, state inspected and licensed, in-home bakeshop, located in Apex, NC.

Our baked goods are made to order, in small batches, and individually packaged by hand to ensure you receive the freshest home baked goodness. We opened our shop in late 2018 and have been non-stop baking ever since! We offer a wonderful selection of family favorite cookies, cupcakes, scones, soft pretzels, muffins, cakes, dessert bars, fresh baked breads, and more!

We also have a variety of gluten free, keto friendly and sugar free options.

Recent Creations

We are always baking up something new.  Check back often, we have new additions all the time. 

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake Bars - Sugar Free & Keto Friendly

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